Kuala Lumpur:


There are NO customs forms to fill out at this airport.

Find the Taxi stand on the second floor and pay Appx $70 MYR for a taxi to down town this is a one-person fee, taxi driver pay’s all tolls. The Ride is approximately 1 hour.

Flying Asia Air:

If you are departing KL via Asia air, they are located at terminal 2 they have this terminal to themselves. Visit Terminal 1 for all other airlines.

Air Port Amenities & Security:

Security seemed to have no issues with bringing water bottles through the security gate and on to the air plan.

Before you go through to the secure area, there are the following shops. Baskin Robbins, KFC, Subway, McDonalds, few local eateries and a few high-end duty free shops. Once you pass through the security screening area there is a small coffee shop similar to a Starbucks. Generally, you will see a sign with Local Currency exchange rate to other International Currency exchange rates posted.

Bathrooms in the airport are extremely clean, you will notice echo friendly western style toilets and also there are the Asian floor toilet available.




When arriving in Thailand the customs process is extremely slow, it took 40 minutes to get through customs then I still had to claim my bags, which the wait was, and additional 20 minute then you head to immigration.


Taxi – After landing, I went to the Taxi Kiosk, big mistake it cost me $850 Baht, granted it was more of a sedan service the airport provided. Best bet is to look for a Blue bird Taxi this should run about $400 Baht. Depending on traffic, the ride from the airport will be 1 Hour – 90 min. It’s a decent ride and you get to see a lot of how local’s live.

The Gas is between $18-23 per liter.


Jakarta Airport – Eat before you go through screening as no food or drink are available for purchase once you clear security and you cannot bring any drinks past the security screening. There are limited seating in the security area.

Security- They are very serious about their security anything over .03 ounces will be tossed and the security personnel do random bag checks even after the X-Ray machine scans the bags, from what I observed they tended to look at people with carry on suitcases.


Air Asia

 Great airline all the employees are extremely nice and helpful, all flights are usually full so be prepared.

You can pay as little or as much as you want on Air Asia, all amenities are extra you pay for drinks, meals and bag’s, and you even can pay to choose your seat.