Arizona Trust Land Permit Information


  • Arizona Trust Land is land managed by the State Land Department

Trust Land is not public land!

  • A recreation permit is required to camp, hike or travel on Trust Land that is designated as open for recreation
  • A recreation permit is an agreement between you (the responsible casual user) and the Department, to allow limited recreational activities conditional on your continued responsible behavior (see terms and conditions)



For more information select

Individual Permits 1 Year $15.00
Family Permits 1 Year $20.00
Non-Competitive/ Non-Commercial Group Permit * Less than 20 people Less than 5 Days $15.00

PLEASE NOTE:  If purchasing a Recreational Permit by mail, the Department accepts only checks, money orders or cash (maximum cash amount accepted is $50 with no denomination larger than $20). Permits are available online here

* Groups of fewer than 20 people may be permitted by a Non-competitive/Non-commercial Group Permit. A complete roster of all permitted individuals and dates of use must be submitted with the application.

Terms and Conditions of Use:

  1. This Permit does not include any implied rights to use any land other than Arizona Trust lands. You are responsible for obtaining any other permits (state, federal, local) necessary.
  2. You will comply with all laws, rules, regulations and ordinances. Posting is not required for these provisions to be enforceable.
  3. You will obey directives from State Land Department Staff and/or law enforcement officials, including but not limited to all directives on the Recreation Page of State Land Department website.
  4. The Permitted shall not use State Trust Land that is closed by the State Land Commissioner.
  5. All travel is restricted to existing roads and trails. A one time use or single set of tracks does not constitute a road or trail.
  6. Recreational motorized vehicles shall not be operated within ¼ mile of any building (occupied or not), paved surfaces (roadways, etc.) or stock tanks (wet or dry), or within any area Closed by the State Land Commissioner or where is otherwise prohibited by State, County or local ordinance.
  7. You will leave gates either open or closed as they are found. No fences will be cut or laid down.
  8. You will not harass livestock or wildlife nor damage, destroy or remove any livestock or wildlife improvements or facilities (i.e., windmills, stock tanks, fences, corrals, wildlife watering facilities, etc.)
  9. You must completely remove all litter and refuse.
  10. Human waste shall be confined to a portable toilet or slit trench, which will be covered to ground level upon closing camp. Waste from portable toilets shall be removed from site and disposed of properly.
  11. Recreational camping is limited to no more than 14 days per year. A campsite must be at least ¼ mile from any livestock or wildlife water catchments, tanks, drinkers, etc. Abandoned campsites are to be left clean.
  12. Campfires are to be thoroughly extinguished. You are required to comply with any campfire restrictions that may be in effect.
  13. By acceptance of the permit, you agree to indemnify and hold the State harmless from and against all liabilities, obligations, damages, penalties, claims, causes of action, cost, charges and expenses, including attorney’s fees and cost, which may be imposed upon, incurred by, or asserted against the State by reason of any accident, injury or damage to any persons or property occurring on or about the Arizona Trust land or any portion thereof resulting from the use of the permit.

Any violation of these terms and conditions
voids the permit upon occurrence!

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For assistance, or more information about the ASLD Recreational Permit, please call us at 602-364-2753 or e-mail us at

Click here to request your permit; you need a printer to print the permit.

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