Agosto Guest House Hostel Kuala Lumpur

Hostel: Agosto Guest House Kuala Lumpur:

You have to leave a 50,000 MYR deposit that is returned at check out if nothing is damaged.

This hostel is in a great location in the China town area, located one block over from the Train and bus station. There is a Texas Chicken on one block and a KFC on another block and a 7-11 right next store and plenty of Chinese restaurants in the area.

My first impression of the hostel is that it is run down. I believe all the positive feedback is from their other property they just moved from in June 2016. The rooms are clean, I had a single room and the mattress was thin and hard as was the pillow. My real issue was with the bathrooms you showered and went to the bathroom in the same space. Imagine putting a toilet in your shower that is what it was like; and their areas are for both men and woman and provide no privacy. Bathrooms are not well maintained and one of them had a sink almost hanging off the wall. Next, they turn the air conditioning off from 11am to 6pm, now you still have the fans in your rooms and they do a good job of keeping you cool. You are also not allowed to wear shoes, slippers or flip flops past the entrance stairs. Do not expect to find any paper towels for wiping your hands you have to use toilet paper.

Tour desk– The website indicates they have one but they do not. They have some brochures, and if you ask questions, the men who run it do not speak the best English.

Towel, if you do not bring your own it will cost you 3 MYR.

Computer – If you need to use their computer it’s not free like other places it will cost 3 MYR. Their WIFI is decent, but can be intermittent; you are not going to do “work” on this WIFI.

This is ok for one or two night, but there are plenty of other Hostel’s within walking distance.

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