Yodsiam Hostel Bangkok

HOSTEL: Yodsiam

Staff is Friendly Room is clean the single rooms are extremely small width is the size of a twin bed and length is twin bed plus three feet. They have a large lock area in the room roomy enough for three sea bags, duffle bags or large backpacks; you have to supply your own lock. The rooms are under the stairs so you tend to hear people going up and down; still it is private. The private room included a towel, which separately you would have to pay $20 Baht. The room also had it’s own AC unit which can get very cold. The bathrooms are also on the first floor there are separate rooms for men and woman. The toilets and shower areas are separate. The bathroom is clean but the shower area has a draining issue, so always ware your shower shoes. The showers does not get hot barely Luke warm. There is one washer and one dryer and its $60 Baht total which is $1.75 to do a load of laundry, ask front desk about laundry soap.

This Hostel is located next to a 24-hour market, which if you are on the first floor sometimes can be noisy.

Starbucks and KFC are right across the street as well as an Asian restaurant. Starbucks information No bagels, no hot tea they did have a cold lemon tea which was delicious.

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